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 The Board of Directors of Agora Evangelism Ministries, Inc would like to announce our partnership with the Lura B Walker Foundation. The Lura B Walker Foundation is the creator of the Everyday Evangelism course. The Everyday Evangelism program is similar to Evangelism Explosion, Operation Go and Soul Winners' Club - it is a mentor-based personal evangelism training program designed to train church members to be New Testament Christians. In other words, the goal of Everyday Evangelism is to help Christians realize God's will for their life through a modern application of Acts 5:42. 

And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42

 Dr Bob Dudley

Chairman of the Board


Kenya 2011 Pics


The Mission of Agora Evangelism Ministries



Agora Evangelism Ministries partners with local churches to reach the world for Jesus.
We do this in three different areas:  

First, we provide evangelism training and evangelism supplies to churches going on short term mission trips. We work with local churches before they leave on their short term mission trips. We train them on how to use the beaded bracelets in any environment they will encounter on the mission field. This is a very effective way to quickly train church members in evangelism when they may have never tried to share their faith before.  

Second, we work with local pastors to establish soul winner training in their local church. We do this by training the pastor in the use of Everyday Evangelism – both in his personal soul winning and in how to set up the club to be used in his church to make it a vibrant part of their ministry.

Third, we travel around the world training pastors to grow their churches and reach their Jerusalems through the biblical principle of evangelism and discipleship. We do this through a three day intensive training course focused on teaching the pastors how to teach their people to be the soul winners.    


Letter from the Chairman of the Board


Hi. Dr Bob Dudley here. As many of you know, I am the founder and Chairman of the Board of Agora Evangelism Ministries, Inc. Agora has been in existence for several years now and, as any growing ministry, must go through certain growing pains to expand. Sometimes these growing pains are smooth and sometimes not so smooth. We have one of those “not so smooth” ones going on right now and I would beg our patience.

                 As of November 22, 2013, Pastor Don Frazier will no longer be representing this ministry. I wish him the best in whatever ministry he lands in. The reasons why Pastor Don is no longer the Executive Director are not really important. What IS important is that Agora is still in the business of saving the lost—both nationally and internationally.

                 As we restructure our management team, I would ask you to check back with us from time to time to see what is going on and what new and exciting things we will be doing. Thank you for your patience.







Kenya Revival 2010 (w/Pictures!)


Memorial Day 2010  (w/Pictures!)


Philippines Revival 2010 (w/Pictures!)


Missions Trip to Jamaica

Witnessing here in Nagril, Jamaica is the easiest thing in the world. Everyone is friendly and most people have not been presented with a clear gospel presentation. It is a blessing for me but a sad commentary on the churches on this island. Maybe we can turn this around.

As I walked down the beach I saw two young men wearing black pants, white shirts and white safari hats. I caught up to them and, smiling, said, “Hi.”  

Their names were Anthony and Clifton. They were beach cops – I thought, wow, what a job. I gave them bracelets and they stopped their walking to hear the message.

After about 5 minutes they both bowed their heads and asked Jesus to be their Savior. As I was going over the “green bead” (growth) they both said the temptations on the beach patrol were many. I spent extra time on confessing our sins.